Google Search tests a new visual search interface on smartphones in a grid form

Recently Google tested the latest user search interface which has a greater visual representation of the contents you look out for on Google through your smartphones. One of the Google representatives reported that “this new feature presents the important information in form of images on the top so that it is easy for users to have a more clear and thorough understanding of the content they have searched for, before reading about it.”

Currently, this feature is accessible through mobile devices only as for desktops and tablets, Google hadn’t confirmed anything. To make sure it is available on your smartphone, search for tattoos and room design ideas.

As for how it looks, it is a section containing grid-like images above the written detailed description and related material about the searched content. Barry Schwartz from SEL has shared an image of what this latest search interface looks like.

SEL enquired the Google if both the initial outcomes are going to be included in the Search Console’s performance evaluation report as number one position, or if the outcome which is on the extreme left side of the page will be regarded as number one result whereas the outcome on the right side will be counted on the next place? Or is it in reverse order for some of the languages that use right-to-left scripts for example Persian, Urdu, and Arabic? Till now we haven’t heard anything from Google regarding this but we are going to post updates about it as soon as we hear from them.

Google also mentioned that it will be further enhancing the search outcomes for smartphones and desktops. In January 2021, Google updated a new mobile search user interface design and along with that in October 2021, it also rolled out the continuous scroll on mobile.

This latest design in mobile search presumably is helpful for your site as to get a high (or low) number of clicks your site gets in the Google search results. For such questions, you’re now going to have two alongside outcomes, which might be on opposite partitions sharing top places in a grid.

This can, however, have an effect on your website traffic, the number of clicks your site receives, and the Google Search Console performance evaluation report.

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