Google Live Transcribe now allows you to translate speech offline, anytime and anywhere

To assist those individuals who suffer from hearing disabilities, Google is going to upgrade the Live Transcribe that will now let you translate videos as well as audios from the device, even when offline.

The very powerful Android Accessibility, Live Transcribe offers authentic speech-to-text translations in various settings, assisting multiple languages and dialects. The feature facilitates actual conversations among individuals with any kind of hearing impairment or individuals who can’t hear properly or lack the power of hearing. Along with notifying users regarding significant sounds like door knocks, bells, child noises, and mobile ringtones, it further alerts users about dangerous and risky situations like emergency alarms, warning bells, and horns.

At present, transcription requires a secure network connection to use a quick and correct translation service. However, recently Google reported that users can access the fully functional transcription service even when they’re not having internet access or cellular data.

Google has been trying to work on this feature for a long time now. Gallaudet University, an institute that accommodates deaf and hard hearing students, helped in the development of this new update for individuals who are going through any sort of hearing problem.

Live Transcribe is already downloaded on Pixel and Samsung mobile phones, however, others can easily get the application on Play Store and download it. Today, the application will start offering an Offline Mode that will allow users to get speech-to-text captions even if they are not having a secure internet connection or do not have a connection at all. This update will also help users in conditions where you have no signals or Wi-Fi as in airplanes, basements, elevators, or mountainous regions.

Users can find the “Transcribe offline” on/off option in the application settings, which they have to switch on and they’ll be notified that the transcription, as well as the sound effects, are still accessible. Now they can access Live Transcribe with no connection required anytime and anywhere.

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  1. Transcribe is not the same thing as translate. =/

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