Google is experimenting with an even darker theme for search app on mobile

Google is starting to roll out an improved darker mode that replaces the dark gray color as we see in the dark mode setting in Google search and they are going to be replacing the currently available dark gray with a pitch-black shade according to recent reports.

Dark color seems appealing and interesting. Currently, the available dark gray mode offers an amazing experience to users. This pitch black color update extended battery life and is good for eyesight as well. So if your mobile phone has an OLED display, it will save your phone’s battery. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode which is a technology that utilizes LEDs in which light is emitted by organic molecules. OLED works without the backlight. So this darker black theme will definitely be going to support your phone’s OLED display.

A lot of apps offer dark mode for example YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, etc likewise Google offers this mode in Android 10. This is available in Google’s recent 13.8 Beta in the Google Play Store. This darker than already available gray and lighter than dark black theme will not only minimize your side effects of digital eye strain but also reduce eye muscle numbness. To turn on this setting just click on the choose color pull-down menu from Light theme to Dark theme so that you will enjoy a great contrasting view of your android or Windows 10. Your Windows desktop or screen saver will not get dark and every other software or app setting remains the same. This update will be most visible in Google's Discover Feed. But I think the change will not occur in areas like Snapshot. Let’s hope this update will be launched soon, as far as I know it is not widely available yet.

As with the increased negative effects of digitalization, our eyes are badly affected and become irritated while doing office work or searching stuff like assignments and research papers, and the exposure to blue light causes harmful effects too. In the meantime, I suggest everyone take intervals to allow eye muscles to get strain-free.

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