Demand for VPN has exceptionally increased in Russia after Facebook-Instagram block

Since the Russian government blocked Instagram and Facebook in the country, users have rushed to download Virtual Private Networks (VPN), exceeding the demand for VPNs up to 2692% higher than usual.

In answer to Russia's war crimes and human rights violations committed against Ukrainian citizens, many tech giants and organizations have suspended their services in Russian. Last week, Meta had allowed users from all over the world to send death threats and spread propaganda against Putin’s government.

In response to that, the Russian Government completely blocked the Facebook app and Instagram app in the region to stop users from posting offensive and poorly examined information about Russia.

Along with that TikTok, MasterCard, Netflix, and Visa services have also been banned in Russia. As well as, web hosting domains like IONOS, GoDaddy, Namecheap are no longer providing services to users registered in Russia. Meanwhile, they have announced to provide free anonymous hosting and free product renewal for Ukrainian customers.

Coming back to the point, the Russian state has been targeted by numerous European countries over its brutality in Ukraine, and they have completely banned Facebook and Instagram.

Russia has banned several VPN networks in the country before. This was mainly done to prevent data breaches and make all networks more secure. In the current situation after the Meta block by Russia due to its policy that allows Ukrainians to post-death threats on the Russian military, many Russians have downloaded VPNs to get access to news and social media applications.

However, it’s a good approach that allows users to bypass the censored news, and they’ll get aware of the facts and figures clearly.

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