Cybercriminals hiding malware in places you can’t imagine and this time it was in the YouTube descriptions

With the advancing tech, there isn’t a doubt that people can get hacked in various areas. All of us have to be cautious of the fact that anywhere a malware can pop up and then you’d know all your accounts are being logged in by a person, who apparently isn’t you!

Sounds terrifying, no? However such occurrences are very common these days and this is to the point that you won’t even believe that a particular website will get you hacked. This is because even the trusted platforms can become a reason for you to get hacked and this got proven quite recently when an incident with YouTube occurred.

YouTube is one of the leading sources of the social media industry is known for its amazing video watching services. However, things went down the drain for users when researchers from AhnLab found a malware deeply rooted in the description for YouTube Videos.

This particular malware steals your passwords when downloaded (and executed) via link from YouTube video, which shows Google-owned platform can be used as a trap by cyber criminals.

As per researchers, "When the malware is executed, it collects basic information of the infected system as well as various user credentials such as screenshots, user account credentials saved to web browsers and VPN client programs, cryptocurrency wallet files, Discord tokens, and Telegram session files."

This stands as a fact that how with expanding technology things in the cyber crime world has advanced as well. Hence, anyone should think enough times before giving up their personal data or any sort of information online.

Cyber criminals are getting smarter day by day and are hacking people in ways you won’t even imagine. Hence, it is necessary that you take care of all necessary precautionary measures and save yourself from the world of online hacking.

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