Android Users Might Be Getting WhatsApp’s Blur Tool Soon

WhatsApp is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular messaging service in the world, but one can make a case for its success being more attributable to the anti-competitive practices of its parent company rather than any actual innovation that its implemented. Many of the new features that people get from WhatsApp are features that other platforms have been offering for quite some time now, and what’s more is that this messaging platform is notorious for taking ages to develop features that many users are expecting from a company that has so many resources.

One example of this is the blur tool that WhatsApp developed for iOS. This is a tool that allows you to pixelate images and other kinds of media that you might send over the platform. Such a tool can be really useful if you want to protect your privacy or blur out someone’s face before you send a picture to a contact in your list. However, despite the good reception that iOS users gave this feature, Android users have had to wait an unnecessarily long period of time to get it.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Android users are finally going to get the blur tool. WhatsApp may have taken far too long to develop it, but most Android users would take what they can get. WhatsApp’s features are usually not as original as they try to claim, and the slow speed at which they develop new features might give competitors a chance to get their foot into the industry as well.

Meta’s monopoly over so many markets and the manner in which it has made its users dependent on its platforms might make that difficult, though. Even though WhatsApp takes ten times as much time as necessary to develop features that should be made instantly due to their near limitless funds, it is still far ahead of any other messaging platform. This update is just the latest example of WhatsApp users being grateful for whatever they can get from the app.

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