WhatsApp is introducing new features to keep its users entertained, Here’s everything you need to know about its upcoming poll feature

Meta Inc.’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is not only working on upgrading its camera user interface which gives the user better visibility of what exactly they are recording; by relocating and redesigning the flash shortcut or introducing a new global voice note player in its variant which allowed the users to keep on listening to the voice note while they switch to another chat. The instant messaging app is now working on it’s next big plan, which will give users the possibility of creating a poll on group chats. According to WAbetainfo, the new option is right now in testing phase which means that even the users that signed up for beta testing wouldn’t be able to try it.

WAbetainfo even attached a screenshot in which you can see that users can enter a question on the poll just like on Instagram stories, and then later send it to the WhatsApp group.

Right now, there’s no proper take on what the Meta Inc. owned company plans with this new feature, whether it would have a limited set of answers to it, the number of polls that can be created at a time, or the time duration to vote.

What’s important right now is to take into notice that the instant messaging company is focusing on developing new options to keep its audience entertained. For instance, the company is also working on its much-anticipated reaction feature which would allow the users to react to messages with emojis.

Not only that but the messaging application is also working on the ability to support different compatibility which would allow users to use WhatsApp on up to four connected devices at once but only a single phone can be connected once at a time.

WhatsApp mentions on its frequently asked questions page that the new multi-device program would give its users an early approach to test the new variant for desktop, portal, and web. The program allows users to linked devices to operate without the need for the phone to be connected with the devices.

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