YouTube Now Allows Users With Permissions To Moderate Live Chat, And Has Granted Creators The Ability To Hide Users From Their Channel

Two new updates have been brought to the YouTube interface, stemming from the comment section and live chat features on the platform.

First, we’ll discuss the live chat update. A YouTube Creator Insider video, which is our typical go-to source for updates and tweaks to the platform, has revealed that a new update of sorts to live chats across the platform. With many creators having developed live audiences on the platform, it becomes more and more important for developers to support them in such endeavors. Live-streaming in general is becoming a rather booming industry, with the likes of Twitch doing very well for themselves. To maintain relevance, YouTube of course has to play ball with the features, and the platform intends on doing just that. However, today’s Creator Insider update is a very minor one, simple creating some ease of use for YouTubers in managing livestream chats. Previously, only the streamer themselves could moderate live chat sessions, with no other technical support staff being able to help. However, now any account with permissions granted can moderate live chat for these YouTubers, taking some stress off of the creators as they focus on both engaging with their content as well as the commenters.

Our second feature comes not from Creator Insider, but instead a trade insider. Social media journalist Matt Navarra has tweeted a screenshot to his Twitter account (originally from Technical Gulab), revealing that the YouTube comment section has a new tool added for creators. Now, if creators consistently spot a single user leaving hateful, unnecessary, or spam comments across their videos, they can outright block the account from commenting on their videos. Right clicking a comment will now reveal a new “hide user from channel” option, which will effectively act as YouTube’s version of the social media block button. While these users may be able to view content, they can no longer effectively engage with it via that platform.

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