Why YouTube has been restricting number of views on certain videos?

Excitedly open a YouTube video and it says “video unavailable”, what a major let down for the users. It is an indication that the video might have been taken down or the user has altered the video settings and made it unavailable for the public.

There is a message circulating on YouTube on some of the videos saying “video unavailable.” Furthermore, the notice states that the video is trending but users can’t really watch it. If the owner of the channel is not famous or has enough subscribers or limited videos, then YouTube will ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel to assist the creator in reaching a larger audience.

The warning instantly went viral on social media. A Reddit post on the subject from February 2 earned over 50K users support. On Twitter, fake news circulated, with many assuming that YouTube imposed this new policy deliberately to block live broadcasts from anti-vaccine events.

On the other hand, less number of videos uploaded on the channel is not an accurate reason for what is being happening. In September 2021, YouTube formally implemented a new regulation addressing mobile live streaming. Previously, it was YouTube’s rule that users cannot go live on mobile until they reach at least 1000 subscribers. Now that policy has been changed and users can go live on YouTube even with less number of subscribers but with some protection.

Among these safeguards, one is to limit views on mobile live streams posted on small channels to avoid harassment and hinder people who aim to spread false news. The policy is wide and impacts the whole platform, which means that even though a specific broadcast isn't aggressive or disseminating dangerous information, this notification will show if it has less than 1,000 subscribers.

A month back, users discovered about the warning of restricted owner history for the first time. A Twitter user reported about the warning while trying to watch a livestream of a channel with less than 300 subscribers.There is no solid reason why it’s been happening but for any enthusiastic person, this might be frustrating.

However, from the beginning it was YouTube’s policy for users to create channels and establish a name first, then they will be allowed to access the platform’s features. Considering YouTube’s perspective, this feature might aid in decreasing abuses on the platform.

Most importantly, this new rule would be able to help the existing guidelines by stopping suspended creators from breaking the rule and just start live streaming from a new channel. Not just that, channels can not stream any other top creator’s content without the permission.

Reports suggest that regardless of the update, YouTube should look at the message and take control of how long a person cannot access the videos as according to the notice, a viewer can view the video after subscribing to the channel.

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