Why Meta has rebranded itself, a question arises in many minds. Ipsos conducted a survey to find the answer

Ipsos is a multinational market research and consulting firm. The main aim of the firm is to provide and guide people about what’s new and trending in the digital market.

Last year in October, Facebook changed its name to “Meta.” That time many critics criticized the new name. Though with time it has been proved how this was a wise move from the tech giant. Recently, IPSOS released a poll about how many Americans do not feel comfortable with many tech related companies and associations.

To recognize how numerous phrases for large virtual media generation structures echo amongst Americans, each normal and in phrases of political sentiment, Ipsos measured the internet favorability U.S. clients have with the phrases "tech companies," "Big Tech," and "social media companies."

The term "tech companies" is favorable among Americans, especially among Democrats. Republicans have not much positive vibes towards this particular term. However, replace it with "Big Tech" and the perceptions twist harshly among the general public, and especially among the Republicans.

All Americans responded very negatively when the term “social media companies” was used, particularly 52% of the Republicans showed much negative response towards this particular term.

In terms of how much the "digital industry optimistically affects their life," the study discovered considerable discrepancies between Democrats and Republicans. While both parties had overwhelming support, 81% Democrats were far more likely than Republicans to agree to 68 percent on this. Favoritism for certain corporations, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, follows a similar pattern.

According to poll results, Democrats, on average, have a more favorable opinion of the tech labels tested by Ipsos, while Republican favorability across all tech terms tested does not exceed 50%. The report says that brands with the closest to the problems of misinformation and content moderation are more favorable among partisans. Take a look at below charts for more insights on what tech savvies should know about today’s polarized society.

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