Twitter sheds light on its toolbox which might prove to be useful for creators and marketers

Twitter is one of the most significantly used social media platforms all around the world. The app has approximately 396 million users and with the number rising gradually. It is an open space for users where they can express their feelings and share their thoughts without being penalized for anything.

The platform hasn’t really been the go to app for brands and companies as most of the people use Facebook or Instagram for that. The only thing that holds back Twitter from getting more and more brands onto its is the fact that it wasn’t providing marketers a wide range of analytics tools and options, whereas Facebook and Instagram provide their users with some features where they can analyze their posts and stories so they can perform better.

However, Twitter is planning to come up with some new features which might be really helpful for users and brands. The company is launching its latest Tool hub where marketers will be provided with a set of tools which they can choose from.

This toolbox is further categorized into 3 parts, the first one being the expression gear, the second one being Safety tools and the final is Measurement Tools.

If we hold back and observe, we will come to a conclusion that this measurement toolbox might just be a game changer for entrepreneurs as they can use these tools to analyze their posts and boost up their performance.

The expression tool can be used for handling tweets and their compositions. It also provides users with an option where they can pre-schedule their tweets for a later time. These features come with a price and are worth spending on.

The company had their own analyzing tool which they killed off back in 2020, and they haven’t provided their users with an alternative tool. It is reported that the company is working on a better version of their TweetDeck, which would be much more powerful and better in performance.

The company cares about its community and wants it to grow. This is why they promote third party apps and tools so that people get familiar with them.

These new tools will provide users with a sign of relief as they will now be able to analyze their tweets and capitalize on markets based on the feedback that they get.

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