TikTok is rolling out teen safety features more widely

The famous short video platform, TikTok, has recently announced plans to introduce some protective features in Australia and in European countries as well. Some of the upcoming features have already been shared with the US users.

The main idea behind this is to ensure the safety of young users of the platform so they don’t end up doing risky challenges.

Previously, the European Commission announced that they’d be supervising all the policies of the application after a complaint was filed against it.

Some of these steps include counselling the user through a step-by-step process before they start a challenge. Furthermore, the "For You" section will be used to show content meant to prevent young users from participating in dangerous tasks.

One of the famous creators on this platform, Maddylucydann, made a video highlighting the after effects of trying out a dangerous stunt with no training and no skills. Through this, Maddy tried to teach that before getting into any online challenge, everything should be kept under consideration.

In a blog post by TikTok, the application announced that it will be financially aiding Western Sydney University so they can continue their studies on such challenges.

Sharing of data with the Resilient Research Centre has made TikTok believe that both of these respective institutes will help the application better understand the situation.

According to Amanda, the co-director of the Resilient Centre, the financial support of TikTok will help them find which policy works best for young users.

The blackout challenge which ended up with a child’s death was also linked with TikTok. However, TikTok refused these accusations and later took down over half a million accounts from the application.

When European consumer protection was asked about TikTok’s new policies, they refused to give any statement and added that they expected that the platform would take steps that would safeguard consumers' rights.

The European Commission has assured everyone that TikTok is cooperating with the authorities. Not all issues have been answered yet, but the discussion is still in process.

The United Kingdom has been working on Children Code, which will keep users' privacy and protection as its top priority.

A similar bill was also passed in Australia last year. The bill highlighted laws that were meant to give protection to minors from online platforms.

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