The Web version of Reddit Talk has been rolled out

Last year, in April, Reddit released its own Reddit Talk as a competitor to Clubhouse, a platform where users can interact and speak with others through different audio rooms.

Following this, Reddit developers are now working to make this platform more compatible by introducing features such as a web version for desktop users or sharing the audio of sessions that have already ended. By adding a comment bar so listeners can share their views as well as by placing a bar at the top of the page to let users know the topic being discussed in a room.

According to a blog post, the platform's daily active Reddit Talk viewers increased by 250 percent. This growth was seen in just 3 months. The blog further added that the live sessions took place in more than a thousand Reddit communities. These sessions included big names such as Kevin O'Leary, an investor talking about the trending cryptocurrency. Another session had the stuntmen from the Jackass franchise sharing their insight on movies.

To make the session more user-interactive, adding comment features will help out those who either want to keep their identity secret or are shy when it comes to opening up. Initially, in order to speak, the audience was required to raise their digital hand, but now they can easily add their comments if they want to.

Right now, only Android users or iOS users are able to initiate a talk session. However, the developers are planning to add desktop users to this process by the end of February.

At the moment, only the content moderators of the application can host a talk session by filling out a form on Google. This initiative is helpful to prevent the struggles faced by Clubhouse to keep the discussion topics under control. The spokesperson for Reddit also clarified that the Talk will still go forward with this initiative and currently has no plans to end this host restriction.

These new features will give Clubhouse a more difficult time, as the web version of the talk has already been released.

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