Facebook calls out Apple for giving Google a free hand on its App Tracking Transparency Feature

Facebook has never been happy with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature since the tech firm had introduced its updated guidelines. According to the app tracking transparency feature, applications will have to ask user consent before collecting any data unlike before. If users deny giving access, no app can collect data from them.

Facebook was pretty against this new update because according to the social media giant most of its working revolves around that particular data collection. The tech giant gave an example of how many small businesses rely on their app for products selling and through the data Facebook targets the specific audience for the small business.

While Facebook was right in its own way, Apple was too that all users deserve an option to have permission over their data.

While this was last year, Facebook has yet again pulled up the case and dragged Google in it too this time.

Why? Well, according to Facebook Apple though is making all other applications ask users for their consent before the collection of data except for Google. Facebook stated that while a large majority of users deny access to the collection of data, Apple is giving a free hand to Google and allowing it to collect user’s data without any permission.

Facebook has long fought against Apple’s new policy last year and since it came to know that Google was getting a free hand on this, it for sure wasn’t going to sit quite.

Facebook has been complaining about their targeted audience being impacted and both Facebook and its associated businesses facing negative impacts because of Apple’s policy and with Google getting an open market.

Moreover, Apple and Meta both are competing against each other in many aspects from private messages to virtual reality headsets, both the companies are working hard for it.

While Apple and Facebook seem to be competitive, the mobile tech firm still hasn’t spoken about why Google gets an advantage over every other application considering how Apple has always been very strict on its user’s security and privacy policies.

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