Study shows overall average download speeds have increased almost everywhere thanks to 5G

In December 2017, 5G made its official appearance. As it started to reach different parts of the world, its users got their hands on a much faster Internet connection. Different mobile phone manufacturers adapted 5G for their devices, and now iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users belong to those who can enjoy the services provided by a 5G connection.

The global analysis reveals the impact that 5G network has. The most notable change is the downloading speed, which went up by 2 times its previous speed. Among such countries, South Korea is the one that got the highest download speed after they broke the 100 Mbps barrier. Before 5G, the download speed in South Korea was 52.4 Mbps, but now it is 129.7 Mbps. Other countries that are experiencing doubled-up speed includes Germany and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2019, 5G was launched in the first markets. After making its way to the United States and South Korea, the technology started to enter other big names such as the United Kingdom, Australia, as well as Germany, Switzerland, and many others.

According to Opensignal, a mobile analytic firm that analyses mobile network experience, South Korea has topped the gaming experience list as the best place for online games using an Internet connection. This is due to the major investments that were made to bring 5G to this country. Another benefit observed is that 5G helps to counter internet traffic. This traffic has caused many problems by dropping the speed due to the heavy load. But with 5G, users can keep browsing.

5G still has a lot of areas left to be covered. The technology is also expected to introduce more spectrum in upcoming days. These new spectrums will further improve the overall experience.

Currently, Release 15 of 5G is used mostly. Release 16, also known as the 2nd phase of 5G, is designed to work with low power consumption and a high efficiency rate. This new step will benefit mobile device users.

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