Security Breaches are still the biggest nightmare for companies as 40 billion records were exposed in 2021

One of the most frustrating things for a company to overcome is security attacks. We’re not talking about physical attacks but network attacks. These attacks are so lethal that it can wipe out a company’s data within minutes. This can take the company back a couple of months in terms of their growth.

These attacks are done by attackers through the network or by spamming links and emails to an organizations employee. If the employee accidently clicks on the link, the attackers are granted access to their systems and networks. This allows them to analyze their trafficking and also provides them with options like stealing their data or even leaking it.

According to a report by Tenable, the number of records which was exposed to the world in 2021 was found to be 40,417,167,937 (i.e. 40 billions+). This shows us what kind of danger it brings with it. This number is a significant rise as to what Tenable saw back in 2020. The company said that around 730 events were reported publicly with over 22 billion records compromised.

This poses a threat on companies and personal as the data leaked can be used by these attackers for their own benefit and no one can stop them.

The main reason behind these attacks was the fact that companies failed to educate their employees about these attacks, which is why ransomware and phishing attacks were found to be the most occurring attacks in the list.

If we take a look at the numbers of the data that was stolen, we will see that around 260 terabytes of data and files were stolen by attackers. The calculated number of files and emails which were stolen was around 1.6 million.

Around 1/4th of the data breaches in 2021 had an unknown root cause which is why these attackers are hard to trace. From November 2020 to October 2021, around 1825 data breaches were filed by companies which broke all the records of 2020.

Companies can overcome these attacks and can try to improve their security measures so that they won’t have to face this situation in the future. Claire Tills, a senior research engineer at Tenable said that,” Companies should try to improve their security mechanisms by hiring security experts and moreover they should start their transitions towards Cloud Storage. This would provide them with a safety blanket so that their data is always secure and is in safe hands.

Companies should try to move their databases to cloud storages so that they don't have to worry about their data being breached. Moreover, hiring a cyber-security expert wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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