Here's How The Social Media Dominance Looks Like Around The World Map

Social media is a term that is used for the websites that are used for communication, content-sharing and interaction via the internet. Yahoo’s Geocities was the earliest of its kind, it was developed in 1995. Geocities was first known as BHI, abbreviated for Beverly Hills Internet. Which was just a web directory (also called link directory) which was organized into six-neighborhoods; Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Wall Street, Colosseum, West Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. The company decided to give its user the abilities to create free homepages in these six neighborhoods. Theoretically, Geocities created a virtual world of its own, which later evolved into the social media world we have today.

But in 2004, the world of social media stepped into a new era when a group of Harvard students invented Facebook, which was supposed to be a web directory for Harvard students only. But the membership expanded to other universities in the USA to 2006, when anyone who is above the age of 13 can register themselves up on Facebook. Facebook completely revamped the social media space. It went from being a university dating site to what we have today a multi-purpose social networking platform that allows user to communicate and even play games.

Today, Meta formerly known as Facebook developed by Mark Zuckerberg dominates the world in terms of users, with being the top social media website/application in 154 countries. According to Facebook, it is home to almost 1.8 billion monthly users and growing. According to a blog on Weforum if Facebook, was a country it would be even bigger than China. However, Facebook’s presence in Asia is weaker as compared to the other continents even though Asia has 1.2 billion active users/month which is almost half of the amount of its active users. It is than followed by Europe with almost 0.413 billion active user and North America in the third with almost 0.2 billion active users per month.

According to Vincos, the world map in terms of social media dominance is quite diverse, first being the former territories of USSR which is dominated by VKontakte of Pavel Durov who is also the founder of instant messaging app called ‘Telegram’ and ‘Megafon’. The Russian network, VK has almost 14 million active mobile users according the latest observation. VK is followed up by Odnoklassniki which is also owned by the group with almost 200 million registered users.

The second block of the social media belongs to China. The region is dominated by WeChat, which is a multi-purpose social media and instant messaging app developed by Tencent. WeChat brings almost 1.2 billion active users per month into the contest. This government owned app not only allows chatting but also gaming on its platform. Since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all blocked in China. QZone, which is the Chinese version of Facebook is the second most used social media website. Other than that, Asia holds a lot more surprises such as LinkedIn is the second most used social network in India, Twitter is the most used social media network in Japan. Vietnam and Latvia have their own local network called Draugiem and Zing.

As for Africa, Meta platform Inc’s Instagram takes the lead with almost 600 million monthly users, it is the second most used social media service in almost 37 countries that includes Indonesia, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and even Iran, where it’s hard to use Facebook due to the censorship by the Persian government.

Moreover, Australia and Canada’s second most used social media network is neither Instagram nor Twitter like rest of the world but it’s Reddit.

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