Most Consumers Feel Like Brands Don’t Understand Them According to This Study

It has become clear that the vast majority of brands that are currently out there are really not doing as much as they should to meet the needs of their consumers. We are living in a day and age of hyper consumerism, and the opinions of customers is the most important thing for any given brand to end up focusing on. Despite this, it is somewhat rare for brands to end up giving customers what they truly desire.

Atlantic Brand Partners recently conducted a study that revealed that most consumers feel like brands do not understand what they want from them. There is also a widespread expectation of understanding, with 71% of respondents saying that they felt like brands should put some effort into understanding them at the very least to a certain extent. However, if you were to look at how many consumers actually feel understood by the brands that they interact with, it turns out that only 43% feel this way.

This indicates that the majority of customers feel like their brands could do more. 72% of consumers are also of the opinion that brands should play their part in helping make the world a safer and better place, but only 14% feel like brands are doing just as much as let alone more than individuals and government entities. Additionally, a rather miniscule 13% of consumers feel empowered by the brands whose products and services they tend to use on a more or less regular basis which is a rather poor showing when you consider that 62% of consumers feel like their favorite brands should empower them.

Brands and companies have traditionally been focused on little more than the bottom line, so it’s understandable that they have not focused all that much on empowering people or improving the world. However, the landscape of commerce is changing, and customers often make decisions regarding which brand to support based on somewhat less obvious factors. This creates a massive opportunity for new brands to come in and give old ones some competition by filling the gap that these older brands have been unable to fill so far.

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