Meta rolled out editing features worldwide in already growing Facebook reels, along with more monetization opportunities for creators

On Tuesday, Meta’s owner Mark Zuckerberg boasted about the global roll out of Facebook Reels along with the new monetization tools for creators.

In 2020, the Reels feature was enabled on Instagram, then Facebook was also updated with this feature last year. Meta claims that reels are growing rapidly on Facebook. Now creators can monetize reels and upload the reels on the watch tab and in Facebook stories. This update has already been enabled in countries like Mexico and the UK. By expanding advertisements, more bonuses would be generated. Meta has also rolled out the video snipping tools and editing options including variants of original music (remix) in the reels.

Meta CEO is considering reels as a priority to help the creator community to earn a living through social media platforms. This update has come with an additional feature that enables users to donate the amount to the creator by giving stars. Also, it will consist of two new formats. One is the popular online advertising ad called the Banner ads based on the images rather than text-based to attract more visitors and the other format is static banners showing GIF stickers and Pay per Click (PPC) ads enabling the creator to put the sticker anywhere within the short videos. Creators can also use the “SAVE AS DRAFT” option for their reels to be saved for the future.

Moreover, there are some other features as well that are expected to come very soon along with reels that allow users to add reel labels in the Feed straight away, so one can watch or create short videos easily. Interestingly, users will also be able to watch reels of those whom they don’t follow. Right now, Meta is trying ways to make it swift for creators to share Reels to both their Facebook and Instagram followers.

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