Amazon is trying its best to shut down brokers who leave false reviews and misguide other users

AppSallay and Rebatest will now be sued for their deceptive Amazon reviews. The giant eCommerce site is addressing the problem of "Fake Reviews" once again. Amazon is trying its best to take down two phony review brokers this time.

Amazon announced on Tuesday morning that it would sue two review brokers, who were in charge of obtaining fraudulent reviews in exchange for money or other incentives from individuals who wrote them.

Such cases are increasing with the advancing technology, and we are glad Amazon is working towards stopping it.

According to the company, which filed a separate action against them in King County Superior Court in Seattle, this is a blatant breach of corporate policies. Nearly 900,000 desperate people want to create shady reviews for these two brokers.

False review brokers strive to benefit by misleading innocent consumers and providing an unfair competitive advantage that damages Amazon's selling partners, according to Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon vice president of Worldwide Customer Trust & Partner Support. They recognize the value of genuine client feedback. That is why the review swindlers are being held accountable.

Amazon is not facing this type of issue for the first time. The company has sued a bogus broker; in April of 2015, the huge e-commerce website launched its first lawsuit against them. Amazon has been taking strong actions against all of these false review brokers since 2015. The business took legal battles against a number of sites in Germany and the United Kingdom in late 2021.

Amazon claims to have over ten thousand employees engaged in anti-fraud and anti-abuse investigations. Fake reviews are also a part of the dubious website. By filing and publicizing the lawsuits, Amazon is also waging a public relations campaign.

Additionally in it, the ranking member of the Senate committee from congress, Senator roger wicker, is inquiring to the Amazon, regarding the work , company is doing in term of fake review ,and also inquiring about whether reviews exploitation in Amazon's stores, as detailed in the Wall Street Journal article, is widespread.

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