Instagram’s new features will help you promote live videos and rearrange your privacy on web

Social media is one offspring of technology, which has changed the landscape of the media industry. It is the fastest news platform and has been an aid to numerous situations where the traditional media has tried to manipulate people but they have eventually discovered the real story behind the scenes. Hence, it is safe to say that social media will be the reason for the demise of traditional media.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other platform. All of them play their due role in the spread of information. Thus, we keep on witnessing new features being introduced to each of these platforms. The audience is definitely diverse, but they do not mind switching to a new or a better platform. TikTok is the biggest example of this case. So, all of these platforms are countered by introducing new updates.

Instagram is one such platform, which has catapulted itself quite high in status. It would not be wrong to assume that it is the most loved platform after Facebook. Hence, it has to constantly keep the user interest intact and, for that, they keep on trying new things.

Instagram, founded in 2012 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is an online social media networking website that allows its users to upload media with geographic locations and can be organized by hashtags.

Going live on Instagram has proven to be one of the best methods for a business or an entrepreneur to connect with their clients. Since Instagram live is transparent, unedited and allows your audience to comment and question during the live stream, which helps businesses to be interactive with their clients. This can help in building a strong bond with potential clients through insights and feedback. Also, hosting more live videos helps businesses become more discoverable on the website, which is a great form of social media advertisement.

Since live streaming is such a big hit on websites, Instagram is working on the ability to share live videos in your stories, or even share them on external social media platforms, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. This feature can be a game changer since it would allow businesses to attract audiences from various other platforms.

Other than that, another update which involves the ability to limit the privacy setting for the mentioned posts is underway. As per Paluzzi, "Instagram is working to allow you to change the privacy settings for mentions, posts and guides from the website as well".

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