60% of Business Leaders Say Digital Transformations Are Crucial For Sustained Growth in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has one of the most massive disruptions to global commerce that the world has seen since the Second World War. As we slowly get to a point where we start to get this virus under control, various business leaders are starting to look to the future in an attempt to ascertain where they can end up going from here on out, and it turns out that most of them feel like digital transformations are more vital than ever before.

According to data that was recently released by Price Waterhouse Cooper, around 70% of leaders in the world of business feel like 2022 will be the year when things finally start to go back to normal. This does not mean that Covid will be gone for good, rather they feel like it will become endemic and that society will learn to function in such a way that people wouldn’t really be concerned with Covid especially if they are vaccinated and are following practical day to day guidelines.

However, this does beg the question of how businesses can sustain growth in 2022. In the opinion of 60% of the business leaders that were part of the survey, digital transformations will be a massive part of their short term strategies. 30% of these business leaders feel like remote work is going to be something that people will prefer to do more and more often as the years go by, and suffice it to say that digital transformation is crucial for this because otherwise it will be difficult for remote workers to get things done in an efficient enough manner.

The most essential aspect of the digital transformation according to various Chief Information Officers that were polled appears to be streamlining their IT strategy and making it more efficient. 35% of CIOs also said that moving to cloud storage from traditional data centers is also going to be something that they devote quite a bit of time and attention towards. Enterprise structure is also likely going to become much more cloud based according to 28% of the CIOs that were a part of the survey PWC conducted.

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