How Alphabet’s Q4 was a savior, Google search and YouTube make parent company’s 2022 good

2022 gave Alphabet Inc. a great start, as ad sales at YouTube and Google search reached new heights. This growth gave its parent company the earnings for its fourth quarter from top to bottom when the stocks skyrocketed to more than six percent. YouTube’s ad revenue went from 2150 million to 8,600 million US dollars (or 8.6 billion). Meanwhile Google search ad revenue surged to almost 4300 million from 3200 million dollars.

Google Cloud, Alphabet’s newest innovation which is a cloud computing service for its customers to store their valuable data in Google’s safe hands, saw a growth from approximately 330 million to 500 million dollars. Alphabet’s CEO Mr. Pichai responded to the growth by saying that the company’s investment in artificial intelligence continues developing new and resourceful ways to help the public and the businesses. He continued by saying that the fourth quarter saw a good growth in the company’s advertising business which helped new entrepreneurs find clients and vice versa. He further added that even though Pixel phones saw a limited sale but Google Cloud is growing strong.

Google and Alphabet’s CFO Mr. Ruth Porat gave the credit to the company’s wide-ranging strength in the advertisement sector and on-growing revenue by Google Cloud. He further said that the company is looking to invest in long-term opportunities.

YouTube TV, which is the new streaming television service by YouTube also saw a decent growth. As per report, YouTube TV’s last count was almost at 3 million and growing in 2020, the company claimed that they will bring that up to 4 million by the end of 2021 which they did.

As of now, Alphabet Inc.’s stock rates have grown almost forty percent since last year, even though the stocks dipped five percent in the start of 2022. So far, you can say Alphabet Inc. is doing better than any of its counterparts in the tech sector during this tense market. Especially after the COVID era, in which the rest of sectors ranging from health to education had their dependency on the tech companies to reimagine the angle of their work.

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