Google Is Changing Gmail’s Interface To Allow Users The Ability To Switch Between The Google Mail, Spaces, Chat, and Meet Services

Google is introducing a new interface to Gmail, allowing users to more effectively switch between different Google communication and productivity products.

Google’s got an endless plethora of products that users can utilize in their daily life routines. The tech giant also likes disposing of them just as much, if the Google Graveyard is anything to go by, so maybe enjoy said apps and features as much as you can, right? The reason that I bring this up is Google’s new Gmail interface allows users to quickly and effectively switch between Mail, Chat, Meet, and Spaces, all at a single click or tap. I genuinely had no idea that Spaces was even around anymore, went to double check, and sure enough the app had been axed by Google. Maybe they reintegrated it back into the overall Gmail design; I don’t know, it’s not like enough people ever used Spaces to take note of either its presence or absence.

This new feature is a pretty solid addition to the whole Gmail interface, mostly because apps such as Chat and Meet have become very prevalent in our day-to-day occurrences in current daily life. Perhaps that’s what prompted the introduction of this new update in the first place. Some employee at Google was working, kept switching Chrome tabs between Chat, Meet, and Gmail due to a work-from-home policy being enacted, and thought “what if I kept this, but applied it to Gmail?” Lo and behold, now there’s an entire sidebar that can be utilized by users in the interest of switching through apps much like one can switch between Chrome tabs.

This new bar can be found at the left-hand screen of one’s Gmail interface, and essentially contains the three new options in the order of Chat, Spaces, and Meet. If you want to directly email a co-worker for a video call, doing both tasks at near-simultaneous speed is now much easier to get around to doing.

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