Google testing some changes which possibly can become part of the tech giant in the future

Google is the giant of the search and internet content discovery world; and most of us blindly trust Google in many ways. Whenever we are stuck in any situation we always go to Google to find the solution to that particular problem. Yes! Indeed, Google is always there for all of us.

Last week Google spotted testing a few changes to its search ad descriptions with the addition of bullet points to them thus making it easier to understand and read those text ads. Although this is not the only change being made as many more are being experimented with. These bullet points are helpful as they can highlight the exclusive aspects of the product while also comparing it and showcasing the product's features in an elegant way and attracting customers towards it and helping them understand the product better.

Google is always experimenting with new features and formats that are being tested and this time is no exception. Google is working on favicons in text ads and automatic global collection. Google confirmed this by stating that this feature is under trial and is being experimented, so the tech firm doesn’t have anything else to share at the moment.

The tech giant is constantly progressing and marking this place in history by being the one of a kind assistant to mankind. Google is surely a very helpful tool that will continue to prove itself a valuable asset for mankind.

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