Google Search is implementing various widget cards in its home tab to help users pick out relevant information

Google is rolling out a card-like system for its desktop browser to make its homepage more attractive, as spotted by 9to5G. The update is still in the process. Microsoft Bing and DuckduckGo search engines have already implemented this widget system to make their homepage catchy. The main objective of making this new update is to take inspiration from the other search engines and make improvements to the UI.

Google search is planning to apply a bunch of innovative features which will be included in widgets. The widgets will be presented on the user’s interface in a row showing cards or you may call them banners. Each of these will have different appearances and characteristics. Clicking on these would open a new tab of information regarding the topic written on the card. These cards may carry any type of information, take for instance the weather, stocks, current affairs, updates on the Covid-19 pandemic, hot trending topics, sports and what to watch etc. The number of widgets displayed on the UI depends upon how big the screen is. Vertically scrolling on the homepage will bring up more panel cards.

If you consider the weather, this will pop out on the home screen showing you the correct temperatures, humidity, and other additional factors involved in day-to-day change in climatic conditions based on the geographical location of your device. Similarly, what to watch will recommend you latest movies and entertainment options based on your past searches. Clicking on Covid news will tell you the rise in the number of cases in your area and all sorts of latest research and advances. Trending cards will show the most popular news surrounding your town. The local events category will display other information happening in an area.

In android phones, you have the option to customize your Google home screen if you aren’t interested in looking at the widgets. Some people prefer a clear homepage rather than a crowded desktop so if you are one of them, you can completely disable widgets by tapping on the “Hide” option below your search screen. This will remove all the widgets making your life easy and you will be able to see whatever you like.

Anyhow, this development isn’t accessible currently to the users because it is in the trial phase and needs some modifications to be fully functional. These may enhance and upgrade it in the future.

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