Facebook Messenger suggests ways to reduce risky communication for safer social media use

Safer internet day is celebrated on the 8th of February every year. This day aims to bring awareness about a better and safer internet for people across the world. The day would encourage all organizations to work together to ensure social media is a safer and more secure environment for everybody, particularly young people.

In today’s society, we are really dependent on the internet for the understanding of communications. Especially during the pandemic, the internet helps people to remain connected with their long-distance relatives. The safer internet day reminds us of the importance of mobile learning and making sure the place is safer for all the users to maintain limits while being on the internet.

To commemorate the occasion, Facebook Messenger has put forward the latest decision tree illustration which lets users decide an option while indulging in a risky conversation.

Messenger also suggested users to follow some best-practices which include the use of safer internet day as a remembrance to keep a check on the app’s restrictions and settings specially the settings that the users have set up for their kids. There is a sleep mode option that can also be controlled to maintain an appropriate technological barrier.

Examination of message settings on Messenger is extremely important to control who can send a message request or who cannot send a message at all. Know how to take control of the chats, if there’s any disrespectful message you have got a lot of options to get rid of it. A user has to decide if a person should be blocked or the account should be reported.

Parents often control the settings once and forget to change it over time to time. As the children grow, the setting should be changed accordingly. They should be well aware of the use of the internet by their children and make sure they are utilizing the technology in a positive way rather than wasting their time and engaging in inappropriate activities.

Parents can actually monitor their kid’s conversations and can even download a report of their child’s activity. Messenger claims that products like Messenger Kids' Pledge Planets may assist parents in starting these crucial talks in a manner that is entertaining and interesting for children.

As mentioned earlier, with increasing dependency on the internet the parents should take care of their children’s screen time and it's essential that all parents assess how their children engage. Safer internet day is indeed a friendly reminder to keep this in mind.

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