Benchmark Tests From PCMag Reveal That The iPhone 13 Pro Outperforms The Galaxy S22 In Virtually Every Category

As the Android vs. Apple debate rages on across the internet, new benchmark specs on the iPhone 13 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 tip the scales a bit towards the latter’s side.

iPhones are known for being user-friendly, they’re known for being smart, classy gadgets, and most importantly of all is the fact that they’re known for running incredibly well. Honestly, even as I have absolutely no dog in this debate, I have to admit that iPhones run like a dream even when compared to newer Android-based smartphone models. This largely stems from Apple doing its best to create a user-conducive environment; not only in features, but in device usage as well. No one wants a device that lags or keeps stuttering. I’m not saying that Android phones do so in massive propensity, but the fact of the matter is that due to iPhones costing more than your average phone, there’s a lot of technological prowess that both can be and is exercised by Apple. Does that make their removing the headphone jack okay? Absolutely not, and I still can’t comprehend whatever tangled dream logic the tech giant attempted to employ in making such a decision, but oh well.

So, what are we looking at in terms of functionality for both phones? Benchmark tests conducted by PCMag took a close look at the processing ability and overall functional capacities of both the iPhone 13 Pro and Galaxy S22. It’s important to note that the Galaxy S22 is considered to be Samsung at its peak, with PCMag’s investigations even corroborating as much. Samsung phones may not be technological wonders, but they’re efficient and incredibly useful in their own right. The company has been a steadfast contributor to the Android marketplace, even if it’s entirely overshadowed by the likes of Huawei. However, selling well is one thing and performing well is quite another story. PCMag’s benchmark tests seem to conclusively state that despite the Galaxy S22 being a major improvement over Samsung smartphones gone past, it still doesn’t hold up to what the iPhone 13 Pro is packing.

Benchmark comparisons were run across four different analytical software, namely the Geekbench 5, PCMark Work 3.0, GFXBench 5, and Basemark Web. All of these unanimously concluded that the iPhone 12 Pro outperformed the Galaxy S22 in every possible category, with PCMark Work 3.0 being our only exception as the software didn’t take Apple products into consideration at all.

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