Apple Working on AirTags to Prevent Unwanted Tracking of Individuals Without Their Knowledge and Addressing Safety Concerns

Apple realized that their services, Air Tags and the Find My tracking app, have been wrongly used to track individuals without their knowledge. In recent reports, it is made clear that they have started working on it and promising to update tracking devices.

AirTags are used to track important personal belongings that people don't want to lose, not to track a person or another person's personal belongings. They are paired with wallets, keys, or bags, but in recent reports and updates, it was mentioned that Air Tags have also been used to track people without their permission. The misuse of these devices and applications was confirmed, and serious measures are to be taken in the future to prevent crimes or other wrong behavior. Any proactive or tangible solutions were not mentioned to solve this issue in the announcements of Apple. However, it indicates that Apple approached some Law enforcement and has started working to detect the offenders. In addition, the Find My app will be updated with the new setup language that could solve the tracking problem.

The explanations of the reports of Apple include precise tracking. They are focusing on assisting users in locating an unknown AirTag in a better way. The company is looking into changing the alerts on your iPhone to help solve the problem. It may even incorporate an AR solution that can help take you to the exact location of the Air Tag. Every time an Air Tag is connected with an iPhone 11, 12, and 13 or any other device, the user will be presented with a notice that monitoring or spying on someone without their consent is a criminal offense. Apple is also making modifications in its support modification of unwanted tracking to explain the safety features in a better way.

Even more, it says they are trying to make sure people are told about tracking earlier, so they can be alerted. They are working on improving the system logic so it can tell when tracking isn't necessary, or other people's accessories are tracked. Moreover, Apple says it will modify its algorithm to tell people more quickly if they have a stalker or an unknown tracker on them. You will be able to use the feature of Precision Finding on Apple devices like iPhones 11, 12, and 13. It can help you find where an Air Tag is when you're in range of it.

All the ideas introduced are good and can be helpful to users to some extent, but they do not get to the real problem. The device is so small that it can easily fit or be connected with anything. Any person can be easily tracked.

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