Snapchat Has Been Secretly Working on a Selfie Drone Called Cheerio

Even though Snapchat might not be the mainstream social media application that it initially had the potential to end up becoming, it is regardless a highly popular platform especially among members of the younger demographics. Snapchat has managed to weather the storm of continuous feature appropriation by bigger platforms, with Facebook in particular being a major culprit in that regard since it incorporated Stories into all of its properties such as WhatsApp and Instagram for the purposes of making it less unique.

A big part of Snapchat’s business strategy has involved dabbling in the world of hardware, with the Snap Spectacles being a really pertinent example of that. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a recent Snapchat beta has revealed that the company might be working on a selfie drone, and the name of this drone might be Cheerio if the commonalities between strings of code are anything to go by.

XDA’s recent teardown of Snapchat beta code has shown the name Cheerio popping up in numerous places, and based on how the code looks it seems almost certain that it is being used to facilitate compatibility with some kind of a drone. What’s more is that its prevalence appears to indicate that we might be seeing this new product in the near future, and if it is released in 2022 it might just be the biggest release that Snapchat has ever made and coupled with its stellar growth rate in 2021 it could put the platform back on the map again.

That’s not the only feature that XDA noticed in its teardown. Snapchat is also working on a new feature that will allow you to mute someone or the other’s location as well as prevent that specific person from being able to see your location. This can give users more control over their overall Snapchat experience which is definitely something that quite a few of them are going to be really happy about. Both these updates are exciting and indicate that Snapchat might have a very interesting year planned ahead.

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