2021 breaks all time record of cyber security breaches, as over 5.9 billion accounts got affected

According to the new report, the most significant accounts breach happened last year. It contained a combination of many cybercrime operations in which billions of emails and passwords of different online sites are included, such as Netflix, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

As we are getting more involved in the tech world, digital thieves are always on the hunt to grab the data and get to the users through different online mediums. Last year, a considerable increase happened in cybercrimes, as highlighted in a report by AtlasVPN. In June, almost 700,000,000 user’s accounts of LinkedIn were hacked through data scraping, which comprises the email addresses, phone numbers, user name, location, and all other professional and personal information. Facebook confidential data of accounts also leaked in April. The reason for this is the vulnerability of systems, which as a result affected 533,000,000 in 100+ countries. In January, More than 214,000,000 users of Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn data were posted on the social Arks, even the country origin, subscriber data, and profile links.

The point of worry comes when the companies fail to adopt effective measures about the data breaches.

Tale a look at below chart for more insights on data breaches of 2021.

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