Virtual Meeting to be held next week for the World Economic Forum in consideration of the rising climate change and other issues the world is facing

Climate change is the biggest problem for the world. It is destroying the world slowly but this is not the only problem. There are several other related problems that we have to look into first.

Every year at an elite dinner of world leaders and Experts from civil, Government, and Business society gather in Switzerland and at this gathering, they discuss the rising risk to Earth. However, due to corona, this is the second year in a row the World Economic Forum has been postponed. Hence they are planning a virtual session next week.

After the event, usually, a merged report is released to discuss the risks that have been bearing on Earth. The report usually remains among five different categories. Economics, Environmental, geopolitical, technological, and societal areas are the main topics of the report, these high-risk potential for the world.

In this article, we are providing you with some highlights from "the global risk report" of the year 2022. This report is based on a survey among 1,000 leaders and experts from all around the world.

To start off with the Economics risk the world is facing due to corona. Though the people from around the world are battling with corona very bravely, it is giving huge impacts on the economy of the world, especially in the 3rd world countries. The dreadful impact of the corona, widens the social difference between the poor and rich nations. As per the report, in 2024 the world economy will have been 2.3 percent smaller if corona disappeared suddenly, but with corona, it could be 5.5 percent for the developed countries.

Next up, if we talk about climate change. It has been a long-term risk for all over the world no matter whether it's a developing country or a developed country. Both are facing this issue with the same intensity.

The report said many countries are working on this matter with different strategies and technologies, some are giving a model of a minus carbon dioxide industry and others are giving the idea of an auto less world. However, besides the ideas being presented, the world has to work quickly because the changes in weather patterns are ringing the bell of danger.

With the boost in technology, the world is also enduring some emerging risk related to it. A cyber attack is one of the most dangerous threats and many people and companies have been the victim in the past few months.

In 2022, the space battle also became a major risk for the world; the race between governments and companies for the plunging cost for the space program is becoming a risk. All the host countries are strengthening the power of their space program. However, unfortunately, this space race is raising the danger of fractions in orbit.

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