Twitter wants to make text in images accessible for its users by testing an optical character recognition feature, And also working on labeling automated accounts

Twitter is a social media platform that provides an ease to its users both in collecting and sharing the information and provides outstanding experiences in access to celebrities, politicians, and other influencers. The best thing about this platform is that it allows for the most significant accessibility, beneficial for its users. Now it is working on another feature OCR (optical character recognition) that gives users access to the text of a photo/image that gives its best when people cannot view what is written on an image for some particular reason. And the second project on which Twitter puts effort is to enable the automation option in settings to label the accounts on auto mode.

Recently, as per a developer of WATweaker Alessandro's tweet, Twitter is upgrading the OCR feature for alt text description. So, when users tweet an image on the platform from their device, they have an option of image description by clicking on the alt option present on an image. So, it is working on a feature that recognizes people to add the text reminder option on a picture before posting it.

On the other hand, Twitter is also working on the label feature for automated accounts because it helps recognize other users whether the account they follow is real or just a bot.

Both of these features are best in their aspects and beneficial for the platform users.

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