Twitter Spaces Has Been Rolled Out To All Smartphone Users, With the Android and iOS Community Enjoying The Feature In Full Swing

Twitter has recently announced that its new Spaces Recording feature is now available to all smartphone users across the board, iOS and Android.

Spaces is a feature that everyone’s probably heard a lot about, with it being introduced back in September of 2021. It’s been widely discussed across online magazines and social media forums, what with the feature being perhaps one of the most unique additions to Twitter’s interface in a long while. I should also mention that when I say unique, I don’t mean original since Twitter’s idea for the platform clearly seems to stem from the success being enjoyed by Clubhouse: the platform that can be indirectly credited for bringing a lot of attention to the audio-room medium. Social media sites such as Clubhouse, and now Twitter Spaces, are essentially live podcasts. Rooms are set up with hosts, who then conduct sessions over topics of interest while other users in the room can interact via typed out questions and whatnot. With podcasts being as popular as they are nowadays, it was only a matter of time before someone would have attempted a more publicly accessible spin on the format. Well, here Twitter Spaces is giving you that format: the ability to set up discussion shop without having to worry about major aspects of setting up.
Twitter Spaces may have been announced in September, and rolled out in the following month of October, but the feature was released in a very limited capacity. Only specific users were allowed to engage with the feature as a form of beta testing, and all such “hosts” were limited to iOS users of the social media platform. December saw the feature being rolled out to more users, with some tweaks having been added to the new feature’s interface. Finally, here in mid-January, Twitter Spaces has now been released to the entirety of the social media platform’s smartphone community, with both Android and iOS users being able to have fun with the creative space that they’ve been given.

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