Reasons why you should be cautious when it comes to posting things on social media

Social media is a platform where everyone goes on about their business. People post their pictures, videos; share their achievements, their happiness, their sorrow and what not. It is a kind of platform that encourages users to express their feelings and also promotes freedom of speech. But sometimes this form of expression turns out to be a nightmare for people.

Sometimes people post or share something that is not really suitable or it doesn’t represent as to who they are. But when people see their posts, they create a perception about them on how they are as a person. This can damage their reputation and furthermore create problems in future career options and can come in between friendship.

Kaspersky, a security intelligence website based in UK came up with a report where they stated that having a social media activity could dent a person’s career when it comes to finding jobs. According to a survey done by them, about 32% of Brits reported that they faced a similar situation when they went for a job interview. A few controversial posts and shares somehow cost them a possible job opportunity.

They went around and asked people about the things they post on their social media accounts, around 38% of them said that if their future employers saw what they were posting on their accounts, they would never want to hire them.

As Gen Z is all new to this era and is getting a hang of all these social media platforms, posting implicit content on their timelines might just give their employers a wrong impression about them and thus would either talk to them about it or even worse, fire them.

As these posts can cause problems in their careers, it can cause problems in maintaining a healthy workplace environment between colleagues. About 40% of people that Kaspersky surveyed said that they developed an opinion about their colleagues when they saw what they were posting on the internet.

While these social media platforms can be dangerous, many people have shared their stories about how they were able to grab an opportunity because of social media. Around 73% of millennials said that they were able to land themselves a job through social media posts and platforms with LinkedIn being the most popular choice.

David Emm, who works as a principal security researcher at Kaspersky said that, “Sometimes when we see a post, we instantly share it without thinking about the consequences that we might or might not have to face in the future. It feels like the right thing to do at that time, but trust me it isn’t. That’s why it is better to give yourself a second to think about what you are going to post or share, so that you don’t post something which you might end up regretting later”.

We stand with what David said, it is not a bad idea to hold yourself back and think about the post that you are about to share. It might be really hilarious but it could be offensive in a way that would come back and bite you in the back. You could also update your security settings as to who can see your posts and who cannot so that these things don’t create problems for you at work.

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