This Infographic Details Google's Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Across 2021

Oncrawl has recently created an infographic detailing the top Google Search algorithm updates across 2021, allowing marketers to familiarize themselves with the necessary SEO best practices.

Google keeps updating its algorithm with monthly regularity, in order to ensure that Search, arguably the tech giant’s flagship, doesn’t fall into irrelevancy. While a unique list of top 20 or 10 best practices can be difficult for anyone to keep up with, this article will only be going into some of the ones that I personally believe to be the most effective. Nevertheless, the infographic will be linked down below, allowing users to have a much more detailed look at everything that Google’s algorithmic updates have to offer purveyors of the Search bar.

March 2021 had Google introducing a mobile-first indexing update to Search. Before this, websites would be ranked and presented on the basis of their best SEO practices and whatnot; this is information that everyone’s familiar with. However, what most people may not be familiar with is that Search utilized the desktop versions of websites specifically for the purposes of ranking. Since most websites are optimized for desktop usage, this wasn’t a problem and most users got away without having to invest all that much effort in a smartphone version. However, since March, Google now ranks websites based on the quality of their smartphone variants, if applicable. Best get to working on that right about now.

Product reviews got an update in April, with Google adding more nuance to how they get ranked by the search engine. Essentially, product reviews can no longer be subjective ruminations upon quality and whatnot. They need to backed up by qualitative data, comparisons to other similar products, and the involvement of expert opinions in order to properly asses the review’s importance. These are all the necessary factors that go into ensuring that one’s product review ranks above all else.

December had another addition to product reviews, in the interest of further improving their overall quality. Two new metrics have been added to the algorithm’s rankings: the provision of evidence, and the addition of links to multiple sellers.

Core web vitals are the factors that go into ensuring that users visiting your website have an overall good time and UX. A June update to the Search algorithm has led to rankings being affected by metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS). All of these are factors that go into building an optimal user experience, and therefore need to be assessed heavily when making a website, for future reference.

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