The search engine giant Google has been stuck in another lawsuit against its location setting

On the very first day of the week, the 3 different state attorney generals have announced they are going to sue Google.

The charges that have been imposed on the tech giant are for location privacy practice. They have been alleged for continued use of this dishonest conduct for their business interest and profit.

This lawsuit was announced on Monday morning by Washington D.C attorney general, Karl A Racine.

According to his statement, the tech giant has directed their uses in the wrong direction. According to Google users can make some changes in their account and decide their own privacy to the point that they can choose what they want the company to see. However, unfortunately, the truth is all opposite from this. The company is surveying the customer data and they are making money from this. This is all done systematically.

The 37-page long complaint alleges how the tech giant repeatedly violated the rule of consumer protection procedure, how the Tech giant is obscuring the fact that how much they are collecting the consumer data and how they use it.

Texas, Washington, and Indiana states announced on Monday morning in which they stated the comparisons of Google’s violations in light of the State laws.

This case is in reference to a 2018 AP story that how the iOS and Android users, who had their location turned off but they unfortunately were being tracked by Google through Web and App activity. All these states are seeking a permanent ban on these activities which are frequently done by the tech giant through their location tracking system.

The tech giant though has made some changes in the feature. In 2019 they allowed users to set the auto deletion option for web and app both, but after some time in year 2020. Google made it by default on all new devices.

When questioned, Google’s thought on the lawsuit were surprisingly, the tech giant said there is no legal charge here. It was stated by the spokesman of Google Jose Castaneda regarding the lawsuit. The Attorney general has been imposing inaccurate and baseless charges on their setting. They are always working on privacy feature into their products.

What are your thoughts on these?

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