Robocalls Increased by 10% in 2021

Robocalls are one of the most annoying things that people are forced to deal with on a day to day basis, and a lot of that has to do with how difficult they make it to get anything done. These automated calls can be troublesome to say the least, and in some worst case scenarios they can also be responsible for some fairly high levels of financial fraud which makes them even worse to go through.

Despite countless attempts by both lawmakers as well as independent organizations to keep robocalls at bay, they are continuing to increase in volume. In 2021, Americans received well over 50 billion robocalls, averaging out over 150 robocalls per person. That is a number that is already high as it is, but it becomes even more concerning when you realize that this number indicates a 10% increase from what was seen in the year 2020. However, one statistic that may give some people a bit of peace of mind is that this is by no means the highest number of robocalls that have ever been detected in a given year. That dubious honor belongs to 2019 where over 58.5 billion robocalls were detected, so in a way things are still somewhat better than they used to be although the fact that they are increasing in number is still something that may be seen as a cause for alarm among some segments of society.

Another thing to note about these statistics is that they still represent an exponential increase from 2017 where just 30.5 billion robocalls were recorded. Hence, the uptick that was seen in the latter half of 2010 is still in full swing, and unless major steps are taken they will continue to become more effective and defraud countless Americans out of their hard earned money which is an economic loss that simply can’t be tolerated right now.

Chart: Atlasvpn

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