Snapchat gives users a new year gifts in the form of new updates and features to its users

In the year 2022, many social media apps have come with lots of cute features and updates for their users. So in the race to make their users happy and keep them intact with the service, Snapchat has also come with a bundle of new features for its users, and it's not a surprise that the users of Snapchat are loving all these cute features.

Here, we are giving you glimpses of all these new features.

The photo and video sharing app includes, individual chat replies in group chats, pool stickers, and create your reaction as some of the new features. All these features are designed for advancement for in-app user experience.

Snapchat has added individual chat replies in a group chat. Sometimes we are talking in a group but we have to reply to someone from the group about something personally. So here is the best option for those people who want to talk in an individual room along with a chat room. This option is very recognizable to those who are using the messenger. Meta introduced this feature way back in the year 2019. To utilize this option, you can hold on to the message and then tap on reply.

The second feature which the Snapchat management added to the app is called “Poll stickers.” This feature is making the app look rather classy. In the feature, users can ask poll questions from their followers. You can draw it with cool emojis and stickers, it will make your poll look nice and as a result, you will get more questions in snaps and stories. Of course, it is a fun way to interact with your friends.

You can collect these poll stickers from the sticker folder of the app. As Snapchat explained about this feature, the poll sticker will be available to both Android and Apple users to utilize.

Snapchat is also adding more entertainment in the video calling option. Through this feature you can add lenses to your video call making it look more fun. Another option they included in the video call is that before you join any conference video call you can preview who is on the conference call with you.

And lastly, Snapchat is not forgetting another attractive feature of the app. The “Bitmoji reaction feature.” Snapchat is giving their small Bitmoji reactions collection some extra features. Now they are introducing some new Bitmoji reactions. Users can choose out of seven Bitmoji reactions. Snapchat Bitmoji reactions are similar to other apps' reactions, but in this app, you can utilize your own Bitmoji character for a special touch.

Snapchat gave these features to their users as a new year’s gift. They have introduced some really cool features in the past and the future of features with the company seems very strong too.

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