Microsoft Buys Activision, Doubles Down on Gaming

About a decade or so ago, Microsoft was in danger of losing its status as a Big Five tech company. This came about as a result of their products and services being seen as subpar, and competitors like Google were making it difficult for the enterprise to continue enjoying its previous level of dominance. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Microsoft has recovered tremendously in almost every respect.

Windows OS has done a lot to make up for the disaster that was Windows 8. Microsoft Edge has finally given Windows users an adequate default browser. Their acquisition of LinkedIn also made Microsoft a major player in the world of social media, something that rival Google famously failed to do. The latest in Microsoft’s attempts to reassert itself as an industry leader comes with the company acquiring gaming company Activision for an incredible $68.7 million in cash.

Activision is a truly massive gaming company that has created the likes of Call of Duty. Amidst sexual harassment allegations, Activision saw its stock prices plummet last year. Microsoft is now swooping in to buy the company which would make this its latest and greatest gaming acquisition after having recently bought Mojang, the game developer behind the immensely popular Minecraft.

Microsoft has lagged behind Sony in the world of gaming, with the PlayStation getting far more exclusive titles than Xbox and being famous for offering better graphics and controls. However, now that Microsoft has made this acquisition, there is a chance that it could make up for lost ground, although it also has Tencent to compete with. This will most definitely improve the value of Microsoft’s Game Pass and it may very well tip the balance in the world of gaming although some are concerned by the consolidation fearing that it could result in monopolies being created.

Photo: Carlo Allegri / reuters

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