Meta highlights important safety best practices for journalists

Meta is the biggest social media company out there. The company which was formerly known as “Facebook” has acquired all the top social media apps and is ruling the social media world. With Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all functioning under one umbrella, it has become the world’s biggest social networking hub.

The Silicon Valley giant first bought Instagram in 2012 and after a couple of years, they bought WhatsApp in 2014. Since then, the apps were being run by Zuckerberg and his team. On Oct 28 2021, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and the company hasn’t looked back since then.

A while ago, Facebook came up with a new privacy center update that would allow the users to change their security settings, would enable them to collect and manage their data and moreover adjust their privacy settings. The purpose of this privacy center was to make the users self-dependent so that they can set up their profile without having any problems.

Learning about these controls would mean that your data would be much safer than before and no one would be able to access your profile without your permission, which is a pretty cool update if you ask us.

Now Meta has come up with a new guide that would allow journalists and users to check and controls their security settings within the apps. Since journalists are always under threat, Meta has come up with a safety guide for them so that their data could remain as safe as possible. Apart from that, they will be able to get rid of any unwanted attention which can be quite handy for everyone.

It has many tools and features that will help users to set up their accounts in a way that they think is best for them. The detailed guide is also available in 21 different languages. It gives the user an overview of the system involving Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

It starts with a few basic options which include password protection and two-factor-authentication. Also it has a guide for business managers on how they can set up their profiles and what they should do if they get hacked. It also has a few guidelines on how to deal with bullying and harassment on messenger.

For Instagram, They have mentioned all the necessary security tips with a few lines dedicated to comment moderation tools.

Whereas for WhatsApp, They have released all the basic tips that users would find helpful which range from checking read recipients to deleting messages from group chats. A link has been provided where all of these features have been explained in detail so if anyone doesn’t really understand what the guide is saying, they can always look for the links which are there for their help.

We feel that it is a really great guide as it will benefit both journalists and common users. It would help them to understand how they can maintain a secure profile by using all the protection and security tools provided by them.

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