Memos From Investors Reveal iPhone 13 Sales To Be Booming Across December, Setting Apple On A Trajectory For Massive Success Across 2022

A memo from Wedbush Securities (via Ped30) reveals that iPhone 13 sales have been going incredibly well across December, 2021, with Apple’s overall revenues and profits continuing to expand.

Sometimes, looking at just how massive of a corporation Apple is, it’s easy to forget that even such a giant tech conglomerate needs investors to keep on building higher and higher. However, no matter how much profit as a company makes, it needs a board of investors to help supplement production costs in order for anyone to reap the benefits. Apple’s major investors are handled by the massive private investment firm Wedbush Securities, which itself is a company that handles over 6,000 clients and manages over USD $2.4 billion in terms of assets and funds. With such a massive and lucrative clientele, Wedbush has no time to worry about whether or not the money they’ve pooled into ideas and projects will pay off or not. Apple may be a surefire source of generating revenue, but assurances have to be made of new or ongoing projects to ensure that the company hasn’t lost any of its luster and shine.

Well, according to a recent memo leaked to the press from Wedbush, that is absolutely not the case; Apple’s recent product, the iOS 13, has had an amazingly lucrative holiday season, and the company’s set for yet another successful year in 2022. Analyst Daniel Ives confidently offers a glowing representation of the iPhone 13’s sales figures in December, 2021, stating that demand outstripped supply by approximately twelve million units. Since supplies are generally short for smartphones across the board, owing to a deficiency in microchips and other relevant technological parts carrying over from early to mid-2021, this means that there are definitely customers that want more from the company in terms of products. Ives speculates that once supply manages to catch up to demand in times that will hopefully come by sooner rather than later, sales for early 2022 will see nothing but a solid rise in profit.

While the memo also reveals Apple's services business is approximately worth $1.5 trillion, in another development, Apple has become the first company to achieve, and even surpass, a market cap of USD $3 trillion. Sure, investors need assurances that their companies and products are operating smoothly and to the best possible effect, but this proves that Apple is going to have absolutely no troublesome board meetings in the near future. As if we needed to be told anything of the sort.

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