Good News! Apple is planning on bringing a new charging feature

Apple has been one of the most successful manufacturers of smartphones for over a decade now. They have a knack of making thing happen and what makes them stand out is the fact that all of their products are technically well designed and well maintained.

Be it smartwatch or iPad, Apple has been delivering products for every age group and has been able to maintain the quality of products that they keep on producing. The minds at the company are always working, thinking about how to come up with new features and what things should they add in their latest gadget so that it would steal the spotlight when it comes into the market.

While talking about things in its latest patent, Apple may have slightly given us a glimpse of what might be their next product. They hinted us on providing the iPhones and iPads with such functionality that they would be able to charge wirelessly even if they are placed on the wireless charger with their face down. A patent reveals that the tech giant is trying to come up with ways that would be different from any other charging device.

This reverse wireless charging is not a new thing for Apple, with Magsafe introduced a while ago by the company. We saw that we could charge the Magsafe Battery Pack even when it is connected to the iPhone. When the iPhone is being charged via cable and the Magsafe is connected at the back, the iPhone would also charge the battery pack.

As we can see from the title of the patent, “Through Wireless Display Charging”, we can tell that it has something to do with the screen of the iPhone or iPad. We might see this change in the up and coming iPhone 14 or even in the next iPad.

This would mean that even if the iPhone is placed with its screen up, you will be able to charge other electronic items by placing them on the screen. Be it Apple Airpods or the Pencil, you can charge both of them when the iPhone is wirelessly charging. You just have to put them on the top of the screen and bam the magic happens.

This is quite different from what the other phones offer, you have to place your phones face down so that you can charge other items by placing them on its back. This would mean that the screen could get damaged if there is dust or something present on the base of the charger. And you won’t be able to see any incoming notifications because the screen is facing downwards.

It’s not yet revealed what might happen when the phone screen is occupied by the iWatch or Pencil. We might see them introducing a feature where the screen would be in a no touch mode where your screen would be safe.

This shows that even when the company is doing great in terms of their standing in the world as one of the best Smartphone companies, they are still working on new products which would provide new features to their users.

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