LinkedIn to add a new video trimmer feature on its web application

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are built for the purpose of socializing, there is another application available that is not quite made for relaxing or passing time but is made for people to connect with their employers, co-workers and friends. This website provides you many ways of networking and also gives you loads of opportunities which would further lead to career options. The platform we are talking about is “LinkedIn”.

LinkedIn is basically a networking hub where people share their education, their skills and their experiences and their achievements so that when someone wants to hire them for their company, they can just look them up on the website and find out about them. This Microsoft-owned platform contains a short portfolio for users, and provides users with connections.

The app isn’t really advanced if we compare it with Facebook, although it looks quite similar to Facebook we are talking about its user interface. It doesn’t have many features like Facebook but they are constantly trying to come up with features which would make the app really feel like a “Social Media” app.

As per Nima Owji, LinkedIn is testing a new feature which would allow users to trim their videos. This means that users will now be able to cut their videos from wherever they want. This feature is pretty great as the app is trying its best to make changes which would encourage users to use the app more often.

There are many updates which are expected to come out in 2022 which would further attract more users towards the website. Like LinkedIn Podcasts, Stories, Live Videos and many more.

The LinkedIn Stories option is pretty similar to the Facebook and Instagram stories option. These stories would be of a total length of 10 seconds. These stories can be anything, from pictures to videos. Users can add texts and filters in it to make it look more interesting.

We all are familiar with the concept of live videos, the app has decided to introduce a “Live Videos” feature and users are pretty much hyped up about it. They are saying that this feature would allow them to interact with their audience and community which would be really great for them.

LinkedIn is a really great way for people to explore new career options and to connect with people who are in their fields. With more and more updates coming out, we feel that the app is going to attract more and more users towards themselves. Within a few years, we might see that people will transition from other apps to LinkedIn.

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