Instagram Experiments With Paid Subscriptions and Exclusive Content

One of the most pertinent trends that can be noted in the world of social media is that several companies are trying to incorporate features that were being offered by platforms like Patreon. YouTube was the first to do this, with the video streaming platform offering subscribers the chance to give their favorite content creators monthly payments or one time donations so that this money is channeled through YouTube itself rather than through various third party platforms.

Twitter also started offering some users the ability to get paid subscribers, and the latest company to experiment in this area is Instagram. The social media platform has long been trying to court content creators and the like in an attempt to compete with YouTube and other platforms that have managed to become content hubs to one extent or another.

Its latest attempt to attract influencers comes with experimenting with paid subscriptions which is currently being tested out with a select group of creators. This can allow said creators to offer exclusive content to their members, as well as generate income that is directly from their fans rather than being in any way contingent on them trying to sell something or the other. Creators will be given the option to charge anywhere from one to a hundred dollars per month per fan, and the best part about this is that Instagram will not be taking a cut from revenues until at least 2023 if their announcement is anything to go by.

That last aspect of this is something that a lot of creators will be quite intrigued by. Most payment processing platforms take a cut of the revenue which can eat into how much creators actually end up getting. It would be great for these creators to get all of the money, although it should be noted that this will only be the case for a year.
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