How brands can avail Influencer marketing to its full extent

With the advancement in technology, everything in our life has changed and it is much more technology-based now. Even for our daily life essential things, we depend on the internet now. Two decades ago e-commerce shopping was a fashionable trend.

But now shopping through e-commerce platforms is old now. With the time changes things have become more technology oriented. Our daily life has come under the shadow of social media and the impacts of social networking on us are astonishing. As we talk about our daily lives, we can’t minus the shopping word from this.

Shopping with social media is a trend now. Many brands are selling their product and services through social media, for this purpose they are marketing their product through many social media influencers. Influencer marketing is a great way for brands to attract users towards them because it is human psychology to trust something which already has been trusted or given good reviews by someone else.

The brands understand this psychology very well and are using influencer marketing to the best they can.

So with the growth in the many social media platforms, brands are relying more on influencers and applications to market their products. These influencers can be a good source of digital marketing if brands know their targeted audience, and what audience follows a specific influencer well.

If you are a brand owner who wants to market their product on social media through influencers, socialpubli has gathered some great key trends which highlight influencer marketing strategy for the year 2021-2022.

TikTok will gain more space in terms of influencers marketing. 87% of influencers claim that TikTok generates the most results out of all social media platforms. This is because many influencers are hopping on social media and the place is becoming a marketing hub these days. TikTok itself is focusing much on its marketing strategy for brands.

Nano and micro-influencers will be a preference for brands. Micro-influencers delivered some of the highest post engagement rates last year and it is expected that brands will widely collaborate with them, considering how fast smaller influencers are growing.

People have shown interest towards short videos rather than longer ones, or static pictures and hence, influencers will be focusing towards video content more in the coming year in terms of brand promotions or for their own content. So, if your brand can leverage video promotion, this might be a great marketing year for you.

Moreover, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are making in-app shopping in collaboration with different shopping apps and sites easier, and this has largely helped in marketing for both the brands and influencers. The tech world has learned to work in harmony in many aspects and how smoothly the application, influencers, brands and marketing are working together, the coming year seems to be a great one. Take a look at below infographic for more trends, which comes courtesy of Socialpubli.

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