Google to springify its image search results

As we all know the season of spring will arrive in a few months and the people especially in extremely cold regions are anxiously waiting for this season. However, it looks like the giant search engine “Google” is celebrating the spring season beforehand. The tech giant is now testing the colorful theme in its Image Search Result. The tech giant will replace its “white” and “gray” background color with a multicolor background scheme. Additionally, the change in background color will match with the search result and obviously the changes in it will be cool and eye-catching.

These colorful changes are not available for public. It is only being tested on Android and mobile web for a small number of lucky users.

Apart from the changes in color theme, Google also made some changes in the icon bars and views.

It appears that Google has taken this inspiration from YouTube Music’s “Now playing page” because their upgrade is very much resembling that.

The closed “X” button has moved to the opposite place from before and now is on the top right corner. Like before images will take the top area of the screen, however with each image its designated site will be mentioned in a small corner. The site name of the image is being display on the top left corner, just opposite the close button. Share and bookmark icon will probably be moved into overflow menu while “visit” button has moved in to bottom right. The page “Title” is now much larger than before.

There is a prominent change in the Google Lens too. The Lens icon moved to the bottom left corner. The last change the search engine made is in the related image option.

Previously the “Related images” were scrollable but in the new update the related images are now being displayed in carousel format. Now they can be enlarged and most importantly they are similarly themed as the main image.

The changes Google made in the search engine are looking cool and energetic and will be loved by the user force too who will feel energetic with the vivid colors while making searches.

H/T: 9to5G.

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