Latest Google Docs Update makes formatting easier for mobile users

Google is one of the biggest platforms which provide resources to people. It has a variety of options for users to choose from. You can save your important data on Google Cloud, you can even use the online Google documents to write whatever you want, and you can even use the Google spreadsheets where you can keep track of your company.

This provides users with a platform where they can just hop on and do their work, regardless of what kind of system they have, which is why it has turned out to be a huge success.

The company has been trying to improve their interface by coming up with new features and options that would make things easier and better for their users. Last year, we saw that the company came up with another feature which permitted users to add a swift "Passage Break" so they can add a page break in the middle of a heading, subheading or title.

"You can mark a paragraph to always begin on a new page with the new “Add page break before” option in Google Docs. This is particularly useful if you want certain paragraph styles to always create a new page such as titles, subtitles, or headings."

This additionally permits users to import and utilize Microsoft Word and some other outsider archives with the goal that they can apply the new configuration onto those documents also. But now, we are hearing that the organization is at last preparing to convey the update for iOS and Android smartphones.

This would be a gigantic in addition to point for users who like to work on their smartphones and would end up being valuable for reporters and journalists their phones to be utilized. This would imply that smartphone users can now use this “Page break” feature.

Another update that took place last year was the em-dash update. This update allows users to separate their words instead of using comas, colons or even parenthesis. The app was criticized for not properly optimizing the feature as the company added two dashes for a shorter en-dash which might be confusing for some people.

This page break feature is supposed to roll out for android within the next 7 days, whereas for iPhone, it will take around 15 days to come out. When the changes are patched out with the new update, users will be able to select this page break feature from a new formatting menu which would be present at the bottom of their screens, making it easier for users to mess around with their document formats and stuff.

Google has been showing great intentions and we feel that they will try to come up with more exciting features which would benefit its users. Always make sure to read what’s new when your app gets updated so that you can find out what changes have been made.

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