Chronological Feeds, Instagram comes up with a feature which might turn into something big for them

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that has millions of active users. Its increasing user base has made the app go up in ranking and is now beating its parent company Facebook in terms of revenue and download. In 2021, Instagram with 566 million downloads around the world came in 2nd place with TikTok securing the first place.

Instagram has been running on almost the same features it had a couple years ago, which has raised questions on the company whether they are thinking about expanding the app with new features. We’ve seen some tweets circulating the internet that the company is testing many new features which might just prove to be the spark that the company needs right now.

Instagram has revealed that they have started testing their plan of introducing the “Chronological Feed” option. Which means that users will now be able to switch modes just like they switch accounts, but instead of hopping from one account to another they would change modes . This means that the users would now be able to select from 3 different feeds, home, following and favorites.

Home would be the same as it is now. It will show posts based on the things that we like while in the favorites feed, you will see the posts of all your friends and the people you like just as it is in a close friend's story but instead of story, it would be their posts. The following feed would be similar to what it was back in 2016 with the feed filled with accounts that we are following.

Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri said that they are trying their best to get on with this update as it would be a really significant change for the app. He said that “ We think that it is really important for people to have a chronological feed, which would give them updates about things posted by the people they are interested in” . He also said that the Home feed would undergo many changes but they haven’t been decided yet.

We also saw them working on creating a new feature that would enable users to react or like user posted stories. Right now the app has the functionality of replying to stories or reacting to them but this would be something new. It is kind of funny that a while ago, Instagram introduced the hide option for like and now they are coming up with a feature to like stories.

These updates or changes won’t be seen worldwide right now as they are currently testing these updates. They have already released these changes in a few regions to see the response. They’ve expressed that they will try their best to get done with the testing phase as fast as they can so that they can release this new feature by the middle of this year.

Screenshot: Hammod Oh

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