Liking Stories seems to be the latest feature that Instagram is working on

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where people socialize, share pictures, videos and even go live so they can interact with their friends and followers all in one place. Since the company was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, the app has undergone many changes and soon we’ll see many more features which would either make the app amazing or would just destroy it.

Instagram has been performing experiments on its features. A while ago we saw that the app went on and removed the feature where it showed users the total number of likes a picture or a post got. People would no longer be able to see the number of likes on a particular post as they are now a hidden feature and only the user who posted the picture would be able to see it.

This was a step in the right direction by the company as we can see that the app was starting to be more of a place where people posted pictures or content for likes and not actually sharing their moments and memories with others. Although many users did not like this feature, we feel that this was the right thing to do.

Well now, we are hearing news that Instagram is working on creating a new feature that would enable users to react or like user posted stories. Right now the app has the functionality of replying to stories or either reacting to them but this would be something new. It is kind of hilarious that a while ago, Instagram introduced the hide option for like and now they are coming up with a feature to like stories.

Mellisa G posted on Twitter about the new feature as she received a notification on the app about liking stories. Many users have shared that they also received this message on their app but they haven’t really seen any sort of change in the app or haven’t had any likes on their stories.

You would see the option on the right of the text box where the story forward option used to lie. Now that function would be shifted to the functionality menu.

This isn’t really a sign of joy for companies as they might face a downfall in their stories share option but as a result of this change, it would become another feature that they would have to keep track of.

With the world changing and newer trends coming into play, we will see many changes in the app. Instagram isn’t the only app to play with its metrics, even Facebook tried to experiment with this removing likes option.

We think that this option makes sense as the react option was not that much effective and thus introducing this feature would provide people to further show their opinion if they like the story which is posted by the user or not.

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